I am selling or trading some items from my collection. All items are original base on my extensive research unless stated otherwise. Seven day return no question ask policy from when the items arrives.

Layaway plans available on high end items.
Postage and Insurance will be charge separately depending on where the item is mailed.

If interested in an item please contact me via e-mail:

I'm currently looking for a Cossack Kuban BeVo shield If you have one for sale please notify me.

SS-Brigaderfuhrer Collar Tabs I'm selling a rare early varient pair of SS-Brigaderfuhrer Collar Tabs for a very good price. The scans images do not do justice on these wonderful tabs. Front side show silver wire piped black doe wool construction. The reverse has small screw attachments. Sale $2500
Leistungsabzeichen - Bohemia and Moravia Protectorate Government Badge I'm selling an extremely rare Czech Bohemia and Moravia Government Achievement Badge rendered to Czech government troops that assisted the German army. I was fortunate to found a duplicate, one is posted in my web page under Slovakian Awards. This badge has a hallow back with a mechanical catch. There are some very well made badges with solid backs but imo are questionable. $800
SS Italian Insignia I'm selling a scarce Italian SS eagle only, in very good condition. SOLD
LVF Croix I am selling a very rare LVF croix de guerre. I had this one in my collection for decades. IMO is not a repro like the common types you find in eBay. A cross like this one sold in France for 560 euros. French collectors categorized this cross as a type 4 unfortunately nobody knows when it was made some speculate that it was an unofficial version that was not accepted while other collectors indicate that it was a post-war veteran replacement. The medallion is very well made and is very similar to the accepted LVF Croix de Guerre. New Price $200.00
SS Deschler Skull I'm selling a very rare headgear Deschler skull - CupAl "52." Unfortunately pins are missing normally these skulls with attached pins "if found" will sell for minimum at $2000.00. I'm selling it for a huge drop in price $550.00, which in my opinion is a bargain for a very rare sought after SS insignia. SOLD
RSI Glaudio For sale a pair of scarce metal RSI glaudios in zama, size 27mm x 20mm. These are scarce and original. New Price $60.00
Italian Fronte Russo I'm selling a nice Italian worn Fronte-Russo badge. Most of the silver color is gone. The pin attachment was loose and has been glued to hold it nevertheless a badge that was actually worn. Sold
Bronze CCC FLL I'm selling a nice Bronze CCC FLL. I bought this clasp from Bill Shea in 2001 as a gold clasp and comes with a letter from Bill Shea indicating the clasp is gold, however it is bronze and paid back then $575 for it. Very nice bronze CCC at this value. The CCC is also shown on your bottom right side. NEW PRICE $350.00
Bronze CCC FLL I'm selling a nice Bronze CCC FLL. The item still has most of the bronze color. You will not find a bronze FLL CCC at this value. The CCC is also shown on your bottom left side. NEW PRICE $340.00
Hungarian St. Lazlo Badge I'm selling an aluminum ground dug badge shown in my Hungarian awards web page, very rare and great condition. SOLD
Romanian Medal I'm selling a nice Romanian Order of the Crown with swords, knight grade. NEW PRICE $110.00


M-43 Panzer Officer Cap

M43 Pz M43 Pz M43 Pz

M43 Panzer Officer cap. In my opinion this cap is a reproduction. I bought this cap a while back from Manions auctions for a lot more then what I'm selling it. The cap is made of very nice quality black wool.
The cap crown is piped in aluminum mesh officer?s cord and does not glow.
The front closure has two silver pebbled buttons. It also has the seldom encountered silver aluminum BeVo style eagle and cockade none glow.

The interior has a gray leather sweatband and had a sweatshield, which has been removed. Not sure if its an east German cap. selling for what it is. A quality reenactment cap.

SALE $140.00

Items Sold

P>SS Allgemeine NCO/Enlisted Visor

Allgemeine Visor

Nice quality, black wool construction visor cap. The center band is also constructed in black wool. The cap has a white wool waffenfarbe to the top crown edge and both the top and bottom edges of the center band.

The front center of the cap has the original matching set of the second pattern, silver washed Totenkopf and Eagle.
In the interior of the visor their is two small perforations on the lining, indicating that the original eagle was removed once and replaced.

The cap has a black leather chinstrap with two, rectangular sliding, sheet metal, length adjustment buckles and a central sheet metal retaining clip. The chinstrap is secured to the cap by two small, smooth, black painted sheet metal buttons.

The cap has a black vulcanfibre visor with raised lip near the forward lip. Under the visor is the standard diamond patterned, orange/tan bottom edge of the visor is well marked with black ink stamped ?SS? runes encompassed by the initials ?RZM.? The interior of the cap has a rare yellow tan color lining. The crown lining still has its original clear intact celluloid sweat diamond with the black cloth RZM/SS tag. In addition, it has rectangular ?pocket,? which has a brown paper label with the owners name and unit 29th Sturm, 3rd Co., 1st Sturmbann.
The crown lining beneath the sweat diamond is well marked with the gilt printed, circular bordered, outlined of the SS runes. The crown lining also has a black size ink stamped ?56.?

The interior of the cap also has wide, tan leather sweatband. Unfortunately the sweatband has tears as illustrated. The cap has a machine stitched white tan oilcloth RZM/SS tag with a faint blue ink stamped, which is beneath the sweatband.

With the only exception of the sweatband, the overall condition of the cap is in great shape and has provenance.


Grand Cross

The Order of the Crown of Romania "Ordin Corona Romaneii." Massive Grand Cross weighting 79gms and measuring 87mm from width to height. For more information in regards to the Grand Cross please see my web page on Romanian Awards. SOLD

Mussert Cross Mussert Cross

Nice scarce original Dutch Mussert Cross with a post-war ribbon. I have seen these crosses in dealers web site sell for up to $500.00. SOLD

"SS Armband" Nice worn SS wool armband with cloth RZM tag. SOLD
General Assault Badge Nice mint condition unknown maker zinc badge. It comes with LDO cellophane package. Unfortunately little bit of the silver frosting has gone away but still looks really nice. SOLD
"SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Collar Tab" Nice used SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Collar Tab. SOLD
"Germanic Sleeve Shield" Nice rare SS officer sleeve insignia worn by Norwegians, Dutch and Flemish Germanic SS members. Reverse has nice SS RZM paper tag. This is a real bargain I have only seen few in dealer's web sites for a lot more and are missing the SS tag. Special price until the end of June! SOLD
Dutch NSB Visor A nice and rare Dutch museum restored NSB NCO visor on sale for a very good price. The black fabric and color piping has been restored. Everything is original and nothing glows! This is a very good price because they are not easy to find. SOLD
"Romanian Anti-Bolshevism badge" Nice Romanian Crusa against Communism badge and bar. The bar shows the ribbons for the 2nd class War Merit Cross with swords, Eastern Front medal and Romanian Crusade against Bolshevism medal. SOLD
SS officer belt buckle I'm selling zinc ground dug belt bulckle. Item has been cleaned most of the corrosion removed. If you wanted ri have a SS officer buckle cheap now is your time. SOLD
SS sleeve eagle Nice used and very rare SS sleeve eagle in great condition. Usually found on Dot pattern tunics. If you can find them they are selling for $735.00 at dealer web sites. SOLD
Panzer Assault Badge Nice great condition zinc bronze "RK" PAB. These PAB are getting very popular and prices are going up. SOLD
Panzer Assault Badge Nice almost mint condition zinc PAB Herman Aurich still retains lots of its silver luster, you will not be disappointed. These PAB are getting very popular and prices are going up. SOLD
Italian Alpini Cap Nice great condition Italian Alpini cap I believe it is post-war cap not sure. The insignia could be M48 or pre-WW2 still very scarce and in great condition. SOLD
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