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Because I have been very busy with work and my other projects the book project that I'm working on is temporary on-hold for the moment.

I plan to post a pair of the rare pair of RSI GNR first model collar flames with double M devices, Galizien collar tab, Spanish Cruz de Merito, Spanish Old Guard 1933 Falange medal, Ukrainian Combatant Badge, etc.

Also will post document given to SS members of the Prinz Eugen Division, one sign by Otto Kumm.
In addition, on my stamp and feldpost web section I will post some rare R.S.I. postal cards and a very rare Flemish color Langemark and Wallonie Brigade propaganda cards plus many other stamp related items.

If you like the web site and the information posted please donate to the site any little contribution helps. This site is ultimately for historians, collectors of WW2 militaria, stamp collectors, hobbyist, etc .

Present and Future Projects:
Foreign volunteer press photos of Wallonie, French, Flemish, Croatian, Cossack and RSI troops and post-war signed photos of foreign SS Knight Cross holders!

I have just finished an article relating to the Croatian Paratrooper Badge published in the International Medal Collector magazine September 2013. I will have a nice article relating to the Wallonie Rex Honor Badge in the International Medal Collector magazine.
A new article relating to the Croix de Guerre Legionnaire has been published in the December 2014 International Militaria Collector magazine.
I have published an article relating to Wehrmacht Miracle Weapon Souvenir Sheet by Feliz Albrecht and Spanish Blue Division postal history in the American Philatelic Society.

If you have any Foreign volunteer or axis awards or postal history for sale or trade please let me know? I am currently looking for a nice BeVo Theodor Eicke cuff title, Cossack Collar Tabs & Cossack Kuban shield.

October 7, 2017, posted rare Flemish Tollenaere silver class badge (see Flemish Awards).
August 13, 2017, posted rare Italian C.S.I.R. document and first version Fronte-Russo badge.
January 1, 2017, posted rare 1st Legione M Tagliamento medal and insignia (see RSI awards)
September 10, 2016, posted 1st Pattern POA and 4th pattern printed POA shield (see Eastern Volunteer Insignia).
July 26, 2016, posted French 1941 Levant Medal (Legion Awards).
July 23, 2016, posted scarce Slovakia Scnelle Badge (Slovakian Awards).
April 10, 2016, posted very rare SS Charlemage Feldpost (French Feldpost), SS Norwegian Ski Btl Feldpost (Norwegian Feldpost) & Wallonie Feldpost.
November 29, 2015, posted very rare 5th Don Cossack Badge (Cossack Insignia).
November 25, 2015, posted Croatian Pilot Badge (Croatian Awards) and Italo-Croat Badge (Croatian Legion Awards).
November 1, 2015, finally added the RSI Decima MAS shield and other items (see RSI Awards).
July 26, 2015, added the very rare Hungarian 1942 Order of the Holly Crown (see Hungarian Awards)
June 7, 2015, added the very rare RSI German propaganda anti-partisan medal and updated the SS insignia posting rare red shoulder boards. (see RSI Awards).
May 31, 2015, added French Vichy Croix de Guerre from the Paris Mint with case (see French Legion Awards).

January 22, 2015, added very rare bronze combat worn Rexist badge (see Flemish Awards).
June 7, 2014, added a very rare French SS Sturbrigade feldpost (see French volunteer legion feldpost).
May 17, 2014, added an extremely rare Hungarian 1st Armored commemorative badge (see Hungarian Awards).
May 11, 2014, added the very rare LVF Croix de Guerre (shown under French Legion Awards).
July 12, 2013, added a rare Croatian Paratrooper Badge (shown under axis awards) and updated RSI Awards and Insignia by adding a rare SS Italian Chevron (see RSI Awards)..
March 24, 2013, added rare Cossack Tererk Kubanka cap (see Cossack shields).
December 30, 2012, added Dutch NSKK feldpost and Flemish Feldpost mailed by a nurse (see Feldpost).
December 9, 2012 added rare Wallonie recruitment card (see Wallonie Legion Stamps).
October 27, 2012, added Croatian (Juncker) Air Legion and Croat-Italo Shield (see Croatian Legion Awards).
September 2, 2012, added silver class Slovakian Eastern Front Honor Award (see Czech and Slovakian Awards).
August 12, 2012, added six Flemish SS Legion miniature Flemish Emperor sheets (see Flemish Legion stamps).
June 10, 2012, added two Legion Tricolore cards (see Legion Stamps) and posted an Italian Btl. M card (see Axis Stamps).
March 11, 2012, updated new information on the Wallonie badges and posted a very rare Rex Honor badge awarded to Flemish volunteers (see Flemish Awards).
January 14, 2012, posted Hungarian Qualification Badges (see Hungarian Awards).
December 10, 2011, posted Milice Badge (see French Vol. Legion Awards) & updated RSI awards.
September 18, 2011, posted scarce Hungarian Air Force Dagger (see Hungarian Awards)
September 11, 2011, posted rare Norwegian Police Collar Tab (See Norwegian Legion Cuff Title).
August 28, 2011, posted Norwegian Labor Insignia (see Norwegian Awards).
June 18, 2011 posted two rare French Volunteer Legion Shields (see Foreign Volunteer SS Shields). Also updated the Croatian Feldpost web page.
June 12, 2011 posted Croatian Legion recruiting card (see Croatian Legion Stamps).
April 30, 2011 posted the rare Croatian Souvenir Sheet (See Croatian Legion Stamps).
April 8, 2011 posted scarce Latvian Legion reprint and proof stamps (see Latvian Legion Stamps).
In addition, Walloon Legion Feldpost cover (see Walloon Feldpost).
March 17, 2011 posted Danish Nazi Party Badges (see Danish Legion).
January 30, 2011, Added Danish Volunteer Feldpost Covers (See Danish Feldpost). Also organized the Spanish Blue Division Feldpost. Added LVF cards (se French Legion Stamps) and added CSIR Legione Tagliamento declaration (see Axis Stamps).
December 22, 2010, Added Hungarian Bronze Signum Laudis badge (see Hungarian Awards) & added Hungarian propaganda war cards (see Hungarian Stamps).
December 16, 2010, Added Croatian Silver Merit Award & Document (see Croatian Awards).
November 25, 2010, Added two nice Italian propaganda cards (see Italian CSIR Stamps).
November 6, 2010 Added SS Panzer M43 Filedcap (see New Featured Article) and click next below to see the rest of the posted items.
September 29, 10 Added the rare French BeVo arm-shield & picture of French SS NCO (see Charelmagne SS collection) as well as a LVF badge (see French Legion Awards).
September 25,10, Added a rare CCC gold award ( see Close Combat Clasp).
June 5, 10 Added Cossack Award Doc. sign by Maj. Gen Helmut von Pannwitz (Cossack Shields) and updated the RSI Awards adding Italo-German gold honor training badge.
Feb 15, 10 Added Brave and Faithful Cross (see Norwegian Awards).
Feb 11, 10 Added rare Hungarian Szent Laszlo Badge (see Hungarian Awards).
July 12, 09 Added CCC silver certificate (see CCCC web page).
July 3, 09 Added Flemish made "Totenkopf" and SS sleeve eagle (see Flemish Awards).
April 20, 09 Added Italian WW2 Alpini cap "Julia Division" (see Italian Awards).
Dec 29, 08 Added Waffen-SS Norwegian HIRD insignia (see Norwegian Legion Cufftitle).
Oct. 1, 08 Added the rare "Lorioli" headgear skull (see RSI Awards).
March 30, 08 Added the 3rd class prestigious Romanian Order of Michael the Brave (see Romanian Awards).
Jan. 16, 08 New web page relating to the Prinz Eugen Division.
Oct. 22, posted information relating to the Dutch NSKK badge (see Dutch Awards).
Oct. 6, posted scarce Kuban Cossack "Kubanka" (see Cossack Insignia) and picture images of Romanian soldiers (see Romanian Stamps).
Sept. 26, posted scarce blank collar tab with new information.
April 10, posted RSI Field cap and Spanish Blue Division Document with merit cross in red. In addition, two Norwegian Proficiency badges (see Foreign Volunteer Awards).
Feb. 19, posted RSI Pilot Wings and Croatian Iron Trefoil Cross (see RSI & Croatian Awards).
Nov. 19, posted Dutch NSB/NSKK Insignia (see Dutch Legion Awards).
Oct 28, posted rare Spanish Blue Div. Dog-Tag (see Spanish Blue Division Awards).
April 29, posted Mussert Cross, ribbon bar and case (see Dutch Legion Awards).
April 2, posted silver Freedom Finnish medal awarded to a German SS NCO who was in the Finnish SS Btl. In addition a rare photo of Norwegian volunteers wearing the Finnish Commemorative badge (see Finnish awards).
March 28, posted pictures of Narva (see Nordland web page).
March 25, posted Spanish Blue Division medal (see Spanish Legion Awards).
March 18, posted a rare German award document given to a Dutch volunteer (see Legion Awards).
January 25, 2006, posted rare 25 & 12 Year SS Service Awards (see SS Service Awards).
December 2, 2005, posted Vichy military award "Croix du Combattant de Guerre" (see Legion Awards).
August 18, 2005, updated the military history of the Charlemagne Division (see web page under Waffen-SS Cloth Insignia).
August 17, 2005, Posted SS-Brigadefuhrer Tabs in my Waffen-SS Collar Tabs web page.
July 7, 2005, Posted two rare Hungarian awards (see axis awards) and a nice Flemish label "Langemark" in my web page under Flemish Legion Stamps.
April 24, 2005, Posted two Quisling portrait semi-postal stamps and DNL badge + labels (see Norwegian Legion Stamps web page).
April 20, 2005, Posted Italian red collar tabs in my RSI Awards web page.
March 30, 2005, I have just posted a nice rare LVF postcard (see French Legion Feldpost).
March 22, 2005, Updated the Eastern Volunteer Cloth Insignia web page by adding the Aserbaidchan and Georgian arm shields.
March 18, 2005, Updated the Eastern People's award web page by adding a nice gold & silver 1st class Ostvolk award and gold 1st class case.
January 11, 2005, Updated the French Volunteer Legion Feldpost web page by posting a rare SS-Feldpost mailed by SS-French Volunteer in the Brigade Charlemagne.
I also made corrections and updated the Charlemagne web page listed under SS cloth insignias.
November 4, 2004, Updated the Wiking web page by adding the Germania cufftitle.
October 31, 2004, Updated Flemish Feldpost web page by posting a rare Langemarck Luftfeldpost cover.
October 27, 2004, Updated the Dutch Legion Awards by posting the rare Mussert Plaque and a rare picture of a Dutch NSKK man wearing the NSKK Honor badge.
September 24, 2004, New web page relating to SS 4 & 8 Year Long Service Awards.
June 1, 2004, Updated Spanish Blue Div Awards. In addition, added new feldpost relating to Croatian volunteers (see Feldpost section).
May 13, 2004,posted rare Dachau issue officer SS collar tab (see Waffen-SS cloth insignia page). Also added rare French NSKK feldpost cover (see French Feldpost web page).
February 14, 2004, posted an unused SS embroidered NCO collar tab (see SS collar tab web section). In addition, posted a rare Croatian Strom Division register cover from the collection of Ramon Boronda( see Croatian Stamps web page).
January 29, 2004,updated Bibliography section (see Literature web page).
January 12, 2004,, added Walloon Legion Feldpost cover (see Walloon Feldpost web page).
January 02, 2003,updated Eastern Volunteers web page. Added more information and insignias such as the rare 1st pattern Turkistani shield with the Ostturkischer Waffen-Verband der SS cuff band.
December 21, 2003,posted new Spanish Blue Division Feldpost (see Feldpost web page)
December 12, 2003, posted very rare GSSN & Nasjonal Samling Membership badges in the Norwegian Legion Awards section.
November 27, 2003, corrected information relating to the Norwegian Cuffband and the Police Cross.(see Norwegian Legion cuff title web page and Norwegian Legion Awards).
November 15, 2003, added three SS headgear skull insignias (see SS Collar Tab web page).
October 16, 2003, added a rare press photo showing SS-Sturmbrigade French volunteers wearing the rare French SS-shield.
September 27, 2003, added a rare silver Anti-Partisan Badge.
September 1, 2003, added the Italian made SS eagle (see RSI Awards) and Flemish Feldpost cover.
August 4, 2003,updated the SS Collar Tab web page. Added SS officer Collar tab and foreign volunteer SS Tabs.
July 16, 2003,Added French Volunteer Legion Feldpost.
September 10, made some FPN corrections and updated the French Feldpost section.
June 7, 2003, Added Jens Holstad Norwegian FrontFighters collection.
In addition, added the Estonian Legion Feldpost (see Feldpost web page).
April 12, 2003 Added the Nordland BeVo cuff band (see Nordland web page under cloth insignia).
Added RSI propaganda labels (see Legion Stamps web page).
April 4, added New Web Page "Eastern Peoples Awards."
Eastern Peoples web page showing rare "Kindjal" insignia worn by eastern volunteers of the Bergmann Battalion as well as an article relating to the unit!
April 7, added "Rex ou Moscou" invitation card (see Wallonie Feldpost web page).
In addition show a very rare so-called Vlassov ribbon.

Italian MVSN collection

Italian MVSN Collection

February 5, 2003, added a sale section.
Updated the Wiking-Westland web page by adding SS-Pic and SS-card.
Updated Norwegian Awards web page.
January 4, 2003, added Norwegian Germanic Eagle (shown in Germanic Awards under Waffen-SS Cloth Insignias).
December 26, 2002, added Latvian and Estonian Legion shields (shown in Waffen-SS Cloth Insignias). In addition added the Dutch NSKK Honor Badge (shown in Dutch Legion Awards).
November 03, 2002, added Latvian 15th & 19 SS Feldpost (see Feldpost web page).
October 16, 2002, added Romanian Crusade Award Document (see Romanian Awards web page).
September 24, 2002, added Idi Tartar printed shield and a Norwegian Legion press photo (see Waffen-SS Cloth Insignia Web Page). In addition, added the remaining three so-called Vlassov postal issues (see Russian Legion Stamps Web Page).
August 21, 2002, added Spanish Falangist Badge and re-organized the Blue Division web page.
August 16, 2002, added German Silver Juncker CCC and re-organized the German Award web page.
August 12, 2002, added Hungarian Bronze and Silver Award and re-organized the Axis Web Pages.
August 10, 2002, added Quisling Bravery Award and updated Norwegian Legion Awards. Also updated Flemish & Walloon Legion Awards.
August 1, 2002, added Wiking cuff band and updated Cloth Insignias web section. Added new web pages relating to Nordland and Wiking SS insignia and brief military history.
July 11, 2002, added mint unused Walloon BeVo shield and 1st pattern Dutch Legion shield.
July 10, 2002, updated Axis stamps web pages.
June 20, 2002, added the Romanian Grand Cross.
June 2, 2002, added an article on the Waffen-SS Panzer Visor Cap.
May 27, 2002, added Schalburg Cuff Band in the Danish Legion Awards web page.
April 19, 2002, added Foreign Volunteer Insignia web pages.
April 7, 2002, added the Finnish Volunteer Legion on my Feldpost section.
February 10, 2002, added French Vichy Francisque Award and Rexist Honor Silver Award.
January 10, 2002, added the extremely rare Czech Achievement Award on Axis web page.
December 26, 2001 change Axis and Foreign Volunteer Web Pages. Added Schalburg Cross, Spanish Blue Division, etc.
September 26, 2001 added the Norwegian Volunteer Legion in my Feldpost section.
July 01, 2001 added the Dutch Volunteer Legion in my Feldpost Section.
June 15, 2001 added new article on Waffen-SS Camou M-43 pattern cap. In addition I updated the Waffen-SS cloth Insignia (new Finnish SS shields).
April 10, 2001 updated Foreign Volunteer Legion Part 2, added French Croix de Guerre Legionnaire, RSI Italian badges and many other Legion Awards.
March 20, 2001 updated Feldpost section added Freikorps Danmark.
February 27, 2001 updated Feldpost section added Flemish and Walloon Legion.
February 01, added the Close Combat Awards in my German Web page.
January 16, added the rare SS-Trifos Collar Tab.
December 28, 2000, added a new featured article on the Party stamps and the Russian Legion stamps in my Legion Stamp web page.
December 15, added the Ukrainian Legion Stamps and Romanian Knight Cross in Axis Awards part two. Also added the front web page for my Feldpost section.

This page is always being updated. If you have foreign volunteer legion and Axis stuff for sale or trade please e-mail me ""
If you have information in regards to Axis militaria and postal history please let me know?
Currently looking to buy a French BeVo Army pattern arm shield will pay top dollar or trade!
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