I am selling or trading some items from my collection. All items are original base on my extensive research unless stated otherwise. Seven day return no question ask policy from when the items arrives.
Postage and Insurance will be charge separately depending on where the item is mailed.

If interested in an item please contact me via e-mail: [email protected]

I'm currently looking for a French Volunteer Legion BeVo army pattern shield. If you have one for sale please notify me?

SS Charlemagne Feldpost Very rare SS-Feldpost cover mailed in January 27, 1945. PRICE $500.00
Gottfried Klein SS Flag Scarce Gottfried Klein flag cards with printed gilt and silver metallic inks. Left side shows of the card of the SS Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. On the right side shows of Germany's 23rd Chancellor and Commander of the Armed Forces flag. PRICE $65.00 Each
Flemish SS Legion Card Scarce Flemish SS recruiting card illustrating Flemish nurse and legion volunteer Jules Gert first Flemish awarded with the EKI. PRICE $180.00 Each
Estonian Volunteer Cover A Finnish field post cover mailed by an Estonian volunteer. Note that the front cover shows the handwritten “Kenttapostia” (Finnish Feld Post) and “Deutsche Feldpost” (Via German Field Post).
Latvian RAD Volunteer Field Post cover mailed by a Latvian volunteer in the German Labor Corps “RAD.” The Cover has Unit Seal and 1944 Wilmar postal cancel and has “Aa” circular "Konigsberg" censor marking.
The reverse shows the sender's Luftwaffe Depot address.
PRICE $129.00
Latvian Schuma Btl Scarce field post card mailed to a Latvian schuma volunteer FPN 04578A Schutzmann Front Btl 267. PRICE $109.00
Estonian Schuma Btl Scarce field post cover mailed to an Estonian schuma Volunteer FPN 45421 Security Btl 185/17th Co. Local Estonian Kopli circular cancel dated March 32, 1942. PRICE $109.00
Estonian Schuma Btl Field post Christmas card mailed by an Estonian schuma volunteer FPN 10307 Security Btl 184/14th Co. PRICE $109.00
Estonian Feldpost Field post card mailed by an Estonian volunteer FPN L47431 Feldluftpark I/I with circular “5c” marking. PRICE $89.00
Estonian RAD Feldpost Field Post card mailed by an Estonian volunteer in the German Labor Corps “RAD.” Card has Unit Seal and 1944 Munster cancel. Notice on the bottom left side of card has the sender's unit showing (RAD, Rgt. 1/180). The sender was at Munster training camp in Germany, as shown in the circular May 5, 1944, cancel and return address. PRICE $109.00
Estonian Feldpost Field post card mailed by an Estonian Volunteer FPN 05977 has unit seal and dated Sept 1943. PRICE $89.00
Eastern Labor Eastern Force Labor “Ostabeiter” card mailed by a Ukrainian with “Ukraine” O/P Hitler 6 Pfn. Stamp and red circular censor. PRICE $109.00
GG Cover Nice Register cover mailed from Tarnopol District Galizien General Government to Riga, Latvia via “Deutsche Dienstpost Ostland” German Official Service in the East. Cover shows circular "Aa" Konigsberg censor marking. PRICE $59.00
German Cover Fantastic card with German stamps including first day Hitler-Mussolini Munich postal cancel and Riga postal cancels dated March 1941. PRICE $59.00
German Card German propaganda sepia card illustrating Miner, Soldiers and Farmer. PRICE $30.00
German Feldpost Propaganda feldpost cards illustrating thye German Panzer Assault Badge and Signals unit. PRICE $15.00